(Sexy) libraries for Go developers.

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The toolbelt

Feel free to use any of the published libraries in commercial and non-commercial projects, they’re released under the MIT License.

  • gosexy/db Database abstraction for SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • gosexy/canvas Image manipulation library on top of ImageMagick’s MagickWand (via cgo).
  • gosexy/to Utilities for converting between Go data types.
  • gosexy/validate Applies validation rules on user-provided data.
  • gosexy/dig A library that makes easy traversing maps and digging on nested values.
  • gosexy/redis A redis client.
  • gosexy/yaml A YAML reader (goyaml wrapper).
  • gosexy/checksum Utilily methods for generating crypto hashes of strings and files.


If you have any problem check the project page on github first, each project has its own issue tracker where you can ask for support, if you think the docs are unclear please feel free to open a issue ticket too.

And if your problem is not related to code, you want me to hack in your project or even if you just want to say hi please drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll get in contact.

Thanks for passing by!